GIVE-MENTOR-LOVE Update: Spring 2021

Hello, Friends.

Although the world has gone ‘virtual,’ GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation is and has been hands-on with support throughout the pandemic. Many of the youth and young adults we serve were already in-crisis before the pandemic. The request for support and mentoring increased exponentially during this time.


Our funds and supplies have been greatly depleted serving the needs of our youth and young adults. So, it is time for a FUN-draiser. Please SAVE THE DATE and plan to join us LIVE and OUTDOORS. Sponsorship and ticket options will be available on our website soon for this fun party supporting the needs of those we serve.

GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation has opened a Shop exclusively for the youth and young adults we serve. Everything is free and there are no limits to how much they can take. To many who visit, like this Learning Works Charter School teen mom, it is like Christmas morning.

Amanda, who is 5 months pregnant, and her 3 year old son recently came to our Shop and left very happy with bottles, clothing, a car seat, and Alejandro left wearing new shorts with a fun remote control car.

We offer new and gently used items of all kinds. Youths are brought to shop by their Social Workers of LA County Specialized Bureau for Commercial Sexual Exploited Children & DCFS, Staff of LA County Division of Zoe International, and by Chasers for students of Learning Works Charter School. The need for donations is on-going, but currently we are very short on the supplies listed below.

You can learn more about our Shop here. If you can donate any of these items or others, please contact Adria, Shop Manager, at (626) 391-9147 to schedule a drop off or pick up. You will be provided a tax receipt for your donations.

Items Needed

Baby Items
Baby Strollers
Car Seats
Diaper Bags

Shower Gel

Teenage Girls – Jeans, Sweatpants, T-Shirts/Tank Tops, Hoodies, Shorts
Women’s Underwear (new)
Ankle Socks

Sheets – Twin/Full
Standard Size Pillows

Furniture (Apartment Size)
Twin or Full Size Beds
Small Table and Chairs

*New or gently used items preferred*

Our total GIVE since our February 2020 Super Heroes Fundraiser is approximately $165,000.

Thank you so very much. You are a true SuperHero saving the lives of those we serve.


Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars were spent on mentoring foster care youths since our last fundraiser. It is indescribable the horrific agony suffered by these youth locked in a group home during the pandemic away from family and the world outside.

So, our Foundation’s Art Director, Ellen Lewis, along with other volunteers, made ‘how-to’ videos hosting weekly craft projects along with yummy treats to drop off at the homes. We also brought Wii machines and games, big screen TV, magazines, books, journals, art supplies, board games, DVDs, and much more.

We hosted Dinners of Thanks, Christmas Eve Parties with food, Santa and gifts galore, provided New Year’s Eve Party Packs, Valentine Gifts and Easter Baskets. And we finished the Community Room we were building to be used for training and special events for the foster youth

Fifteen of the 2020 Learning Works Charter School graduates received their high school diplomas but then stopped in their tracks not knowing what to do next. Enter Kathy Lee, our Foundation’s Director of Community Services. Simply said, Kathy’s tenacious style of mentoring has produced 9 success stories and counting. She guides each graduate through every step and obstacle of getting a job, enrolling and achieving more training or education, and finally realizing their dream so they can thrive. She is now taking on 40 new 2021 graduates. You can read much more about Kathy’s efforts by clicking here.

Please meet Luis, a reformed teenager who has experienced trauma and hardship due to gang violence. He doesn’t want to die in the streets. Luis lost his upper front tooth when he was unexpectedly attacked and robbed. He has experienced a lot of family death this year which has made it necessary for him to financially support his sister and niece.

Luis is an intelligent young man who loves science and did 75 credits his last year at Learning Works Charter School to achieve his high school diploma. His future is bright, currently attending East Los Angeles College and works to help underprivileged youth at Homeboy Industries. But he needed a smile. When asked to help, Robert Wheeler, D.D.S. of La Cañada very kindly made a temporary removable partial denture for Luis free of charge, along with other dental work. But, Luis needs an implant to make this smile permanent. This implant will cost $4,500. If you would like to help, any amount is greatly appreciated. Please donate on our website by clicking here and email Kathy ( of your gift. You will be provided a tax receipt for your gift. Thank you for your help.


We love unconditionally because, honestly, many we serve are angry, rebellious, and distrusting because of the trauma, abuse and neglect they have suffered. They are victims, not just in the popular way of using the word, but because they were truly ‘innocents’ being exploited, physically and sexually abused, neglected, unloved and misguided.

Sadly, they ask why we would want to give or do things for them. They feel so unworthy and are confused when someone actually shows them real kindness. We often have the opportunity to tell them our Foundation has many friends who give us money and items to do good things for them, to which they respond, “Why would they want to do that for someone they do not know?” That is true unconditional love, giving to those you do not know and may never meet. But we know from experience unconditional love is a powerful healer. Thank you all for sharing your LOVE.

Please stay tuned for more information coming soon about our Fais Do-Do! You definitely will not want to miss the fun.

Finally, we want to thank you for supporting our youth and young adults. We can only serve them because of your generosity.

Much Love,

Donna Pierson, Founder
GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE Foundation
241 E Colorado Blvd, Suite 202
Pasadena, CA 91101
(951) 500-9553

GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE is a Foundation of dedicated professionals serving LA County youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of Human Trafficking.

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