GIVE-MENTOR-LOVE Update: Summer 2021

GIVE-MENTOR-LOVE (GML) is busy supporting 3 group homes in LA County specializing in the care and healing of CSEC victims. Our volunteers host activities designed to teach social, life and coping skills. Some of the training we offer is sewing basics, art, crafts, music, ABCs of Money, dance, cooking, job readiness, and holiday parties having an emphasis on etiquette and proper social behavior and graces.

GML has also furnished one of these newly opened homes with personal supplies for the girls as well as therapeutic equipment needed for their healing process.


GML Mentor Program Updates

Often GML is asked to mentor victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, but the depth of the damage for these victims was most evident in this request.

Zoe requested GML put money into a prison account so that a victim they rescued had money for phone calls and other incidentals. Of course we did and will continue to do so. But, this youth, who recently became an adult, also asked to be mentored as she serves her prison sentence that will span decades. We write, call, and visit her to remind her that she is still loved and not alone in the world.

Sadly, the trauma and suffering by victims of sexual abuse not only leads to desperate measures to survive and anger that cannot be controlled, but also addictions to drugs and alcohol to mask the pain of what they have experienced.

With another girl, it is taking a team of volunteers to mentor her now that she has turned 18. She has suffered sexual exploitation and now suffers from substance abuse. At the magical 18th birthday that most teens celebrate, she faces the horrible realization that she is about to lose all the support and guidance she once depended upon. So, what is next for her is a life on the streets as an addict and prostituting to survive.

These are just two examples that show the desperation and depth of trauma of those we try to heal.


GML Secures Functional Prosthetic Hand for Youth

B. lost his hand in a firecracker accident, in result B. withdrew from life, not attending school out of embarrassment and depression. GML’s Director of Community Services, Kathy Lee, spent endless hours exhausting every lead she could to find a functional prosthetic hand for B.

Finally, Cal State Dominguez Hills has offered to fit B. with a functional prosthetic hand without charge. The Clinical Instructor secured a hand from the manufacturer, and potentially all components will be donated with Dr. Mark donating time and other materials. B. has agreed to volunteer at 2 to 3 events for upcoming school projects. GML will pick up any other cost incurred to help B. move on in life.


GML Provides Funds for Youth’s Extensive Dental Work

LA County Division of Zoe International recently contacted GML about a sex trafficked youth who needs extensive dental work. The loss of all her teeth due to the physical assault and violent life on the streets causes the youth great anxiety, manifesting as self-harming behavior such as running away and hanging out with unsafe people.

A dental evaluation indicated $11,000 of dental work was needed. Zoe was able to secure $5,000 towards this work and GML will pay the $6,000 balance. A beautiful smile will help this youth heal from all the trauma she has suffered.

GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE is a Foundation of dedicated professionals serving LA County youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of Human Trafficking.

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