Meet Our Foundation Partner: Learning Works

Learning Works is a charter school for traditionally underserved, high-risk students in grades 6-12 who have withdrawn or are in danger of withdrawing from mainstream education. Learning Works excels at helping those students who were never going to get their high school diploma attain it, and serves over 350 students in Pasadena and in Boyle Heights. Seventy-one percent of their students are Hispanic, 22% African American, 4% White and 3% Other. There students are 19% English Learners, 13% Special Education, and 99% eligible for National School Lunch Program. The youth served by Learning Works are called “at-risk” but they are in fact “in-crisis” or have already demonstrated a behavior or condition that exceeds at-risk, such as becoming pregnant, dropping out of school, homeless or entering the juvenile delinquency or foster care system. Learning Works also partners with Homeboy Industries in Boyle Heights.Learning Works is truly the only hope these students have for an education like the education other students in public comprehensive or private schools receive.

GIVE-MENTOR-LOVE Foundation works in partnership with Learning Works in meeting the following needs of these students who have been discarded.

  • Enrichment activities through fieldtrips as wells as arts and gardening programs.
  • New middle school and counseling facility and expanded programming including recreation facilities such as a basketball court.
  • Expansion of homeless services including Hope Works program offering homeless youth a shower, laundry facilities, and food in the evening and new plans for a 30-day homeless facility for youth and young adults.
  • Students needs such as food, diapers for babies, school supplies, transportation and more.
  • Mentoring and financial support for Learning Works graduates so they continue on to higher education or trade school and secure employment.
  • Help create a youth focused social enterprise, Homeboy Youth Café.

Together we assure these youths opportunities that help them become happy, successful and independent adults.

Watch the video below to hear from Founder of Learning Works Charter School, Dr. Mikala Rahn

GIVE – MENTOR – LOVE is a Foundation of dedicated professionals serving LA County youths and young adults in-crisis, at risk, homeless or in foster care, and victims of Human Trafficking.

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